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Events day overview

22 February 2021
00:00 Africa event A/1-14 - A-1-14 - Room XIV (Cinema) (Palais des Nations)

A/1-14 - A-1-14 - Room XIV (Cinema)

Palais des Nations

09:00 TEST Sarf A/1-3 - A-1-3 - Room III (Palais des Nations)

A/1-3 - A-1-3 - Room III

Palais des Nations

10:00 Africa event E/1-26 - E-1-26 - Room XXVI (Palais des Nations)

E/1-26 - E-1-26 - Room XXVI

Palais des Nations

ongoing Medical Services - Visits
ongoing Media accreditation - SHORT-TERM pass request
ongoing Media accreditation - Long-term pass request