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17 Sep 2020

UN Global Service Centre adopts Meeting Participants Management

The Conference and Learning Centre at the United Nations Global Service Centre (UNGSC) in Brindisi is adopting the Meeting Participants Management (MPM) module, part of the Umoja Extension 2 Conference and Events Management solution.

The Meeting Participants Management module, accessible from any mobile device, supports online event registration for participants, provides easy access to important event documentation, and enables the creation of event webpages to streamline communications between event organizers and participants.

The shared space significantly improves tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, and integrates workflows.

For example, the module utilizes QR codes and ID scanners to grant participant access to event premises. Meeting Participants Management facilitates and expedites the check-in process with security staff, ultimately improving the quality, and speed, of service provided to clients.

It promotes less paper, less errors, and improves safety.

“The implementation of the UE2 Meeting Participants Management module will signify a comprehensive upgrade to existing fragmented systems and will boost the level of service excellence by providing users and conference managers a single platform, centrally managed for all their conference needs,” says UNGSC’s Acting Director Michel Bergeron.

To prepare for the launch of the module, the Umoja Coordination Service organized a workshop from in May at the UNGSC with representatives from the Geneva-based Umoja Extension 2 MPM/ Indico team, the Department of General Assembly and Conference Management, and the Conference and Learning Centre team.

Workshop participants used the tool for the first time to prepare the website for the 2019 Global Information and Communication Technology Management Conference scheduled to take place at UNGSC Brindisi from 17-21 June. The conference will include approximately 80 field mission participants and staff from the Office of Information and Communication Technology.

To date, over 50 UN entities have adopted Meeting Participants Management globally, including UNOG, UNCTAD, DESA, UN Women, UN Environment, ESCWA and WHO.

The UNGSC Conference and Learning Centre organizes hundreds of events, hosting over 3,000 participants per year.

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