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17 Sep 2020

Supporting major UN meetings with UN Indico

UN Indico has been the tool of choice for organizers who faced the formidable challenge of managing participant registration and access for large UN conferences in 2019.

Recent examples include two of the largest conferences ever managed through UN Indico: UNCCD’s COP14 in September in New Delhi, India (with 9,000 registered participants); and UNFPA’s ICPD25 in November in Nairobi, Kenya (with 16,000 registered participants).

Tried and tested for meetings and conferences of all sizes, UN Indico has been in use at UN Office at Geneva since 2016. Due to its benefits for conference organizers across Geneva and security at the Palais des Nations, it has quickly expanded to over 50 UN entities worldwide.

Eventually all Secretariat entities will be using UN Indico, because it is the Umoja Extension 2 system for Meetings Participant Management.

“We had already used UN Indico for several of our off-site meetings, and since it perfectly meets our needs, the choice was clear,” said Katheryn Jimenez, a member of UNCCD’s organizing team for COP14.

The team particularly valued that UN Indico provides out-of-the box registration fully compliant with UN standards, and easily interfaces with UN security requirements.

‘Having two experts from the UN Indico team in Geneva travel to support our conference was incredibly helpful,” said Ms. Jimenez. “We knew they would be able to deal with any arising situation, so that was very reassuring, and allowed us to fully focus on other aspects of organizing the conference.”

What’s next for UN Indico? The team is currently working on the upgrade to version 2.0, which will bring users new features and a more modern interface. The roll-out of this new version is anticipated by the end of 2020.

In parallel, the UN Indico team will continue to expand its collaboration with Secretariat entities across the globe to roll out the solution to all offices in need of a meeting participants management system.

“We already look forward to using UN Indico for our next large meeting,” said Jimenez.

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